Below Discussion

Due July 14

For this Discussion you will summarize a secondary source such as a book or article that you might use in your Sources/References for the Module Five Writing Assignment. (A Process Analysis Essay) In two or three paragraphs, describe the main idea of the source such as its thesis or conclusion. Also describe the evidence it uses to arrive at that conclusion. This source should serve as a potential anchor to your assignment. It should preferably come from an authority on the topic, and it should not primarily exist to further a political agenda or to promote a political party, ideology, or person. You can find thousands upon thousands of books and articles through open-access journals such as Frontiers, or through local bookstores such as Chamblin’s, or websites such as Amazon.

Process Analysis Essay Writing Assignment

Module Three

Due: July 16

1. Submit Module Three Writing Assignment

2. Submit Module Three Discussion

Module Four

Due: July 23

Submit Module Four Discussion: First Draft

Module Five

Due: July 30

1. Submit Module Five Discussion: Peer Review

2. Module Five Writing Assignment draft

Module Five (continue)

Due: Aug 6

1. Submit Module Five Writing Assignment

2. Submit Module Five Writing Assignment Reflection

3. Submit Module Five Discussion: Course Reflection