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Many people still think of homeless transients as alcoholic and/or mentally disabled loners. The truth is, the current homeless population consists of single adults, families, battered women and runaway adolescents. Their only characteristic in common is the lack of a fixed, adequate and permanent residence. Social and economic factors and other circumstances beyond the individual’s control have led to a gradual increase in family homelessness (Rafferty, 1990).

During a conference, members of the National Association of State Coordinators for the Education of Children and Youth cited eight basic causes of homelessness: 1) lack of affordable housing, 2) unemployment, 3) deinstitutionalization, 4) divorce/abandonment, 5) substance abuse, 6) natural catastrophe, 7) physical abuse and 8) eviction (Johnson & Wand, 1991). Whatever the causes may be, the result is an increasing population of homeless families with children (Stronge & Tenhouse, 1990).

As the homeless problem receives more attention, the profile of a homeless individual or family has changed (D’Andrea, 1992). We have learned that: 1) all types of people can find themselves homeless; 2) families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population; 3) homelessness has both societal and personal causes; 4) shelters are an emergency response to homelessness, not a solution; and 5) homeless people live in a variety of settings (Johnson & Wand, 1991).

Children and adolescents appear to suffer the most detrimental effects of homelessness (Heflin, 1991). The estimated number of homeless youths in the United States may be anywhere from 310,000 to 1.6 million (Heflin & Rudy, 1991). By the time a family becomes homeless, the effects of poverty, removal from a familiar environment, malnourishment and unhealthy living conditions have already begun to take their tell (Gewirtzman & Fodor, 1987).

Homeless families experience the disintegration of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bonds. Parents must often decide between life on the streets as an intact family unit or separation into various shelters. Shelter personnel assume the responsibility for determining bedtimes, mealtimes, menus and other elements of daily routines, consequently undermining parents’ roles (Heflin & Rudy, 1991).

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ENGL 1010/FRESHMAN COMPOSITION JONES/FALL 2016 “Speculating About Causes” Assignment: Write a “Speculating About Causes” essay using the article “Prognosis for Homeless Children and Adolescents” in which you argue that a) Homelessness has effects on children and adolescents, such as A, B, and C. OR b) Homelessness causes problems in children and adolescents because A, B, and C. Regardless of which approach you choose, you must define homelessness and three effects that it has upon children and adolescents. The length of the essay is required to be 3 pages minimum and does not need to be longer than 4 pages. MLA Works Cited and in-text citations are expected to be correct. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to write a well-developed and organized discussion of cause and effect. You must fully discuss and give examples/evidence from the article to back up your argument. In other words, the article will be used to back up your argument, and the paper will not be a compilation of quotes from the article. TURN THIS SHEET OVER AND ATTACH TO YOUR ESSAY! FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A 5 POINT REDUCTION. Grading Rubric:  Argument of Evaluation Excels Meets Expectations Needs Improvement Comments Introduction Does the introduction set the tone and purpose for the essay?         Thesis   Is the thesis clear? Does it state the general overall evaluation and why?         Criteria   Have you clearly defined and discussed the criteria by which you are evaluating the idea under review? Are the criteria relevant and supported by experts (not just your opinion)?         Evidence   Are specific examples provided as evidence? Does discussion of the evidence include necessary comparison to the criteria? Uses and cites “Children’s Poverty in America”         Organization   Is the organization clear and logical with appropriate transitions?         Conclusion Does the essay include a satisfying conclusion?         Proofreading Has the essay undergone basic proofreading? Are the citations correct? Proper MLA format?         Punctuation and Grammar Has proper punctuation and grammar been used throughout? Length requirement   Essay 3 pages to 4 pages?         Essay Checklist: SPECULATING ABOUT CAUSES ESSAY Name: __________________________________________ In preparation for submitting my final draft, I have done the following: _____1.  I have checked to be sure my thesis introduces my subject (and reveals the 3 points that I will discuss. _____2.  I have checked to confirm that the body paragraphs of my essay address each of the 3 points in the same order they are presented in the thesis statement. _____3.  I have thought about the probable audience (other than my teacher) who might be interested in my topic and I have written my essay to be clear and convincing to this audience. _____4.  I have checked to be sure none of the following are in my essay (unless I am quoting someone else): A.  The word “we.” B.  The word “you.” C.  Contractions _____5.  I have checked each sentence to see that it has a subject and a verb, and is a complete thought. _____6.  I have checked sentence punctuation, especially to be sure that no 2 sentences are joined by a comma alone. _____7. I have checked to see that every time I use “, and” that they contain two complete thoughts. _____8.   I have checked to be sure each verb agrees with the subject in number (singular or plural). _____9.   I have read over (proofread) the final draft of my essay at least twice. I have read my essay out loud at least once. _____10. I have checked to be sure that my essay is properly formatted in MLA and all citations have quotation marks, authors, and page numbers.