you will need to do the annotated biblography first (youu must very basic English)

the the presntation + powerpoint. ( make it creative)

later you will do the rserach paper if the prof approve the bibliography.

NO outside sources.

ONLY library deta base.

English 101
3 Annotated Bibliography Same title; Title: How does the electronic device “technology” effects and causes in children brain? Writing an annotated bibliography helps prepare your research for your essay and can serve as a first draft for your research essay. This assignment increases your skill in finding and incorporating appropriate research sources for academic and professional research writing. Process Brainstorm ideas based on topics we’ve been discussing in class and on your research interest. Search the internet to find resources that can be used for an essay topic/s (news stories, magazines, current events) Using the WSU Library (not Google), identify 5 research sources you can use for your Research Essay 2. NOTE: can use, not must or have to Find the sources that are appropriate for academic research, one each in five different genres. Examples include: academic journal article newspaper article book chapter organization infographic or other chart/graphic government website professional organization website If you choose to use a different type of source, for example, a dissertation or technical paper, you can exchange for one of the above. List the sources in alphabetical order using APA format and citations. For each of the sources in the bibliography, write a one-paragraph annotation (5-9 sentences) and summarize the information (2-3 Sentences max), how they inform or relate to your essay topic (1-2 sentences max), critical analysis or limitations of the article (1 sentence), and how you will use this in your essay (1-2 sentences). Use the library worksheet called “Reading and Paraphrasing Research Articles” as a guide. Rubric is on page 2. Annotated Bibliography: Rubric Missing 0 Poor 1 Fair 2-3 Good 4 Includes 5 or more sources Sources include one in each genre (journal article, video, newspaper, or book chapter Presents complete citation information Citation follows correct APA format Concise annotations include objective descriptions (summaries) of articles and subjective notes on possible use in your paper Entries are consistent—all follow the same format Sentences are complete, correct, clear (x2) Bibliography is carefully proofread with minimal spelling and grammar errors Total = _____/36 Comments:
English 101
Presentation #2: Library Research The purpose of the library research presentation is for presenters to demonstrate ability to read, comprehend, synthesize, and discuss information in a text, and show how that relates to their current research essay. Prepare: Choose a source you found that you may want to use in Essay 2. Introduce the title, author(s) or source of the item and display the APA citation. Summarize the article (or other source). Present your response about the article to the class, for example, what do you think of the article: Is it relevant? Why is it important or not? Is it accurate? Biased? Discuss how the source is relevant to Unit 7. Discuss how the source might be used in an essay or during a quiz. Each student has 7 minutes (no more!) to present this information. A brief question/answer period will follow. Be sure to PRACTICE with a TIMER to be sure your presentation fits the time limit. Time: 7 minutes. You may use Power Point, Prezi, or some other software to make their presentation, but are not required to do so. SAVE YOUR PRESENTATION ON A FLASH DRIVE YOU CAN EASILY LOAD INTO THE COMPUTER ON YOUR PRESENTATION DAY. Rubric for Presentation #2 0 = missing 1 = weak 2 = fair 3 = good Introduce the title, author(s) or and author’s affiliation, and APA citation Summarize the information Comment (respond) to the research Discuss how the information is relevant to Chapter 2. Discuss how the information could be used in an essay Good volume, eye contact, and preparation Within time limit No Yes Total points: _____/20 Comments:
English 101
Level 4 Reading and Writing Spring 2017 Research Essay Choose a topic related to the chapter 7, the human body. This a good chance to practice writing in your major. Title: How does the electronic device “technology” effects and causes in children brain? Once you have chosen the topic, decide what genre would best suit your work. You can choose argument, compare/contrast, narrative, or informative/expository. This is an opportunity to find out what genres of writing are most expected in your major and prepare for the challenge. This is your chance to explore different genres, in other words, how you choose to present your ideas. Making good choices will be one of the most important steps for success in this essay and your future research. Essay guidelines: Introduce the topic: main idea, context, and why it is important State your topic focus: (thesis sentence) Provide support for your thesis using research sources Use research from library sources, engaging details and clear descriptions Use appropriate tone (academic language and style) You may use a reading from your textbook for one of your sources; use the library database for the others APA format, at least 4 sources, in-text citations and References page (APA style focuses on information). Write in 3rd person (avoid using I, you, and we) 5-8 pages Assessment Rubric for Essay 2 5 = Excellent; 4 = Good; 3 = Fair; 2 = Weak; 1=poor/missing 1 2 3 4 5 introduction describes the issue and tells why it is important clear topic focus and thesis statement supporting paragraphs explain/support your thesis (x2) Essay is organized and paragraphs are well developed 4-6 appropriate research sources; writer demonstrates he or she has read and understands each of the articles cited appropriate conclusion appropriate tone (academic language and style) appropriate grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure 5-8 pages, typed, APA format, at least 4 sources, in-text citations and References page Comments: Total _______ / 50 pts.