Read articles and anwer questions. Each article has three questions, and each of them must be 150 words.

Study Questions on Keats’s “The Fall of Hyperion” 1). What is the difference between the speaker’s initial description of dreaming, and how Moneta describes the dreamer? What is the significance of this difference? 2). Moneta is associated with memory (l.282). What does the poem suggest is the relationship between poetry and memory? 3). What are the major differences in how Saturn and Hyperion are described? Study Questions on Keats’s “Ode to a Nightingale” 1). What feelings does the nightingale cause the speaker to have in the first stanza? Why? 2). What does the speaker mean when he says, in the fourth stanza, “for I will fly to thee/…on the viewless wings of Poesy?” (ll.31,33)? 3). What contrasts does the speaker draw between himself and the nightingale in the seventh and eighth stanzas? 3. Study Questions on Keats’ “Ode on a Grecian Urn” 1). In the first and fourth stanzas, the speaker asks a series of questions about what he sees on the urn. What differences are there in the two sets of questions? What do these differences suggest about the speaker’s own change of mood? 2). What contrast does the speaker draw between the figures on the urn and “human passion” (l.28)? 3). What conclusions does the speaker draw in the final stanza? What causes him to draw these conclusions?