“Pacific Lumber”

Your aim for this assignment is to offer a carefully considered and well-argued response to two ethical questions posed by the commercial logging of old growth forests.

Please read carefully the case study entitled “Pacific Lumber” in CIBE, pp. 437-8.

Once you have read through the case study, please reflect on the following two questions:

1) What is the appropriate scope of ethical consideration? In other words, which beings should be included in the scope of ethical concern? Just human beings? Animals? All life? (250 words)

2) And from the text: Do 2000-year-old sequoia trees possess a value beyond the economic value that they could bring as timber? (250 words)

I am aware that you can find plagiarized answers to these questions online. Do not use these pre-written answers—do your own work!

Each answer should include a thesis statement and a brief supporting argument.