We know that the quantitative analysis approach includes a high level overview of the importance of identifying the problem, developing a model, acquiring input data, developing a solution, testing the solution, analyzing results, and implementation through the DMAIC approach we covered in Module 1. For this discussion, we are focusing specifically on the first phase (defining the problem). Describe a specific business situation where root cause analysis could be conducted to find the problem.  Which tool (fish bone or 5 Whys) would be most effective and why?  Describe the symptoms of the problem. Who are the stakeholders and how would each group of stakeholders define success?

The discussion requirements are to post your initial response by Wednesday and post two follow up responses to other members of your group by Sunday.  Your initial response should be a minimum of 300 words and include citations and references to at least 2 sources (the sources do not count towards your 300 word requirement).  Your follow up responses should be a minimum of 150 words each and include citations and references to at least 1 source (the sources do not count towards your 150 word requirement).

You should not use more than 1 short quote in your initial response, and you should not use any quotes in your follow up responses. You should cite where you find your material, but I am interested in reading your analysis of the topic and the sources that you find rather than direct quotes from your topic. Copying and pasting material from other sources for your discussions is considered plagiarism which is a form of cheating.