Directions: Please use the following questions as a guide. While you do not have to answer every question, you must demonstrate that you watched ALL videos and read “A Tale Of Two Families” about Byron and Max in your discussion post.

( )How do you view “White privilege”? What does this video tell us about the relationship between an individual being racist, prejudice, or simply insensitive and the individual’s awareness of the impacts of their behavior?  In your opinion, which takes more conscious thought, being actively racist or actively trying to avoid being racist? Why?

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View this video and explain how race, ethnicity, and sex play a role in or everyday lives. Often Caucasians say “I have never felt privileged” and “you say I have this power, but I have never felt powerful”. How does our understanding of institutional discrimination help us to understand why most Caucasians would be unaware of any benefit they received because of their social status (i.e. race, gender)?


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