ASSIGNMENT, write a thorough, thought provoking critical response to the writings of Richard Wright.Prepare and make connections between the experiences of African Americans during the Jim Crow ERA, as told byRichard Wright. Must connect the two his and yours in opinions. Must  be a focused analysis of the topic and not just a summary of his works!  Must be thought provoking, relevant and on topic and meet the standards of college level authorship (writing)

*Read literature  on the Civil Rights era- (It is needed now and it is crucial to understanding this reading and time period in African-American literature).

* Critical Response- Please prepare a thorough response 2-3 pages,  make connections between the experiences of African American during Jim Crow South (as told by Richard Wright ) and his short story, The Man Who Was Almost A Man. What are the realities of this system on the lives of the characters in the story? Express thoughts on Wright’s own memoir (Ethics…) and his fictional short story (The Man …)?