Course Wrap-Up” Comment on how effective this course was in consolidating your graduate-level course work. Feel free to suggest any recommendations or improvements to make the course more effective. Assess your preparedness for a business leadership and management position based on what you have learned in your graduate degree program.


⦁  Analyze financial reports, prepared analysis, and draw conclusions based on the financial analysis.

⦁  Calculate and interpret various financial and operating ratios used in business.

⦁  Apply activity-based costing and other managerial accounting concepts to various business situations.

⦁  Evaluate capital budgeting situations by calculating financial returns and drawing appropriate conclusions.

⦁  Evaluate internal controls within an organization and created a risk assessment.

⦁  Analyze ethical theories to evaluate a decision-making process to determine compliance with professional codes of ethics.

⦁  Evaluate the health of organizations to assess the level of risk in an audit engagement.

⦁  Evaluate financial data for potential fraud and prepared an audit approach for detecting fraud.

⦁  Assess the risk of financial misstatement in an IT-based environment.

⦁  Evaluate financial data for potential fraud and determine the business relationships contributing to the fraudulent reporting