Hi, I am needing to answer #7 & 8

costs and the relevant range.5. Product margin. Based on the product margin, when isrests of anorganization to continue or drop a service?6. Make-or-buy decision and related analyses.a. What is a make-or-buy decision?10. What other analyses are relevant to the types of decisions discussed in this chapter?. Break-even equation. Fill in the blank. The following table contains selected data con.cering several outpatient clinics in the new Ambulatory Care Center at Hope UniversityHospital. Fill in the missing information.BCDEAFPrice perVariable CostNumberContributionFixedNetVisitper Visitof VisitsMarginCostsIncome$853,000$220,000$100,000$70$20$250,000$130,000$353,250$165,000$782,500$85,000$55$60,0008. Break-even equation. Fill in the blank. Instead of the information in problem 7, assumeAmbulatory Care Center’s data looked like this:ABCDEFPrice perVariable CostNumberVisitContributionFixedper VisitNetof VisitsMarginCostsIncome$120$1104,500$350,000$65$65,000$45$135,0005,300$75,000$135$75$110,000$90,0003,800$120,000