Conduct a Deep analysis of a recennt vendor threat report like the Mandiant APT1 (don’t use the APT1 report covered in the Week Four class materials). The report can be on any current threat topic and should have been released within the last four (4) months (such as a quarterly or semi-annual report).

Your analysis should include the following:

  • Summary of the report (include who issued the report and its date) – this is more than an Abstract
  • Key Findings and Conclusions
  • Your assessment of the report
  • How the report could be used by a University or other organization of your choice

If you are interested, some other APT reports can be found here:

Submit your assignment as a Word document with file named as: 602_assignment-4_lastname.docx.

The assessment should be from 2 to 3 pages of content (excluding references), all double spaced, 1-in. margins, 12pt font size (using Arial, Times Roman, Calibri or similar). No title page, just include your name, course number & title, date, and instructor’s name at top of first page. Reference citations must use APA format (3rd or 4th page can be for references).