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The researcher states that throughout history and in every culture, some concept of religion has emerged to greater or lesser extent. The Golden Rule is a concept that seems very simple on the surface but that actually delves deeply into just what it means to be human. While its simple instruction to treat others as we would like to be treated seems straightforward enough, there are infinite nuances as we attempt to discover just how we would like to be treated and how that might translate to someone who has different likes, dislikes, values or traditions.

Thus, we are asked to understand an individual’s differences from ourselves even as we are instructed to treat them as if they were ourselves. This simple yet complex concept has been taught to people throughout the millennia of human existence through almost all of the world’s major religions in each time period and culture to greater or lesser extent. Its prevalence throughout history defies any attempt to attribute this to mere coincidence and begins to suggest some form of divine universal code.

Regardless of whether one believes in God, a concept of God under another name or is limited to placing one’s faith in science alone, the Golden Rule has a tendency to create belief in a universal order that cannot be denied. Even should one be only capable of accepting the practical element of the Golden Rule, understanding that treating others with the respect and dignity one expects to be given is necessary to accomplish social and personal goals.