So for this assessment of the community can be pretty much any community in the 5 boroughs of NYC. The professor wants it to be assessment of things affecting young adults under the age of 25. Things such as birth defects, STI, teen age pregnancy. Infant mortality rates which is a big marker for the health of any community. This paper is a community assessment for young adults. i would like you to use government sites to get the info. below i have attached the rubric that the professor sent. 



Playing Blue Ray, Watching Netflix and Hulu on PS4





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Playing Blue Ray, Watching Netflix and Hulu on PS4

The instructions identify the capabilities of a user watching Blue Ray DVDs on PS4. PlayStation 4 is meant to play video games supported offline but can be utilized to play Blue-Ray using internet connection. Besides, college students can watch Hulu and Netflix using their web browsers within the PS4 through a Wi-Fi connection. The first approach entails understanding the process of watching a Blue Ray film using a PlayStation 4. The first process involves having an internet connection that is enabled through Wi-Fi connectivity. The presence of a Wi-Fi connection is the first step towards connecting the PS4 console to the internet. Its purpose in connecting online is to enable the region code setting. A few select regions permit playing Blue-Ray on PS4; hence unlocking the region using a code setting will adjust the systems region code setting. Besides, there is a need to have the latest update of the PS4 console. It is downloaded online and applied to the system. It is essential to get access to the latest version 7.51 and install it over Wi-Fi connection (Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, 2020). The installation works through a play station user account, and after a restart, the user can insert the Blue Ray DVD and play the film. Internet connection is critical in enabling the functionality of a regional code setting to provide the user’s console with Blue Ray play capability. Users can manipulate various settings in enjoying their Blue Ray DVD for normal functions, just like a DVD player. These include volume adjustments, forward, and rewinds without the connectivity of the internet. Watching a movie may happen after gaming or before gaming making the machine a multipurpose device.

Watching Netflix and Hulu on PlayStation 4 has been enabled through the presence of Microsoft paly store. Users should ensure that their devices, PS4, are connected to the internet through Wi-Fi. When connected to the internet, the steps entail selecting the PlayStation store—then selecting apps followed by clicking on movies/TV. The next step entails selecting Netflix for users that require watching movies on the platform and those for Hulu to select download (LoProto, 2020). Users can proceed to login within their accounts and enjoy streaming their favorite movies through internet connectivity. It is important to address instances of poor network connectivity that may prevent download capabilities of their devices using web activity. Streaming online will ensure all college entertainment is accessed within the same platform without purchasing an additional device such as a laptop. All regions are supported for streaming Netflix on PlayStation 4, where its services are available. Navigation of the device is done through the gaming pad, and users can browse through movie posters for their preferences. Besides, they can select find movies upon getting into their Netflix accounts and find movies. Signing out of the Hulu or Netflix account upon finishing the movie. Launch the app then press O on the gamepad then select the gear icon (Netflix, 2020). It is followed by selecting sign out that is confirmed by pressing X for sign out. The same process applies to the Hulu account, where users can take advantage of their account and stream movies online. However, the process only occurs through online connectivity and using the web browser on the PlayStation Store. College students can access both Blue Ray and online streaming channels such as Netflix and Hulu using the PlayStation 4.


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