Comma Splice and Dice, Runnin’ with the Devil…Run On Sentences

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Here we go with part some more AWR fun fun fun!  In the first essay, an issue I most commonly notice with sentence construction has to do with run on sentences and comma splices.  Therefore, let’s have you attack this issue by doing the following:

1. Please read pages 266-270 in A Writer’s Reference.  (This is section G6.)

2. Please do the following exercises from the book:

Exercise G6-1


Exercise G6-2

on page 271, AND (yes, another one!)

Exercise G6-3

on page 271 to page 272.

Again, this is not the most engaging material on the planet, I admit, but is intended to help make you a little more aware of certain sentence/grammatical issues that I notice pretty often in Essay #1.  Again, you may submit via the text box here or as a file upload!