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Cell phone usage while driving and walking (persuasive eassy)
0 CELL PHONE USAGE WHILE DRIVING AND WALKING KEISER UNIVERSITY LEIDY MARTINEZ Abstract Using cell phone while driving and walking is a very dangerous in the life road. Keep the phone away. Make a conscience that what is good and safe when you are driving and be the example for the rest of the world and for yourself. Prevent accident and love the life. Eliminating distractions in your own car and when you walk is important. Everybody uses it at every time and whatever moment. You can be alert and avoid using the phone.” 60 % of driver use cell phone while driving” (NHTSA, this is a very high number, nowadays people are slaves of technology use it always, causing traffic and pedestrian accidents, but you can prevent that. Don’t text while driving and walk. Focus in the road and be alert that what happens around you because you can avoid texting but the other people don’t. Use app for avoiding texting. The society can help to let know to everyone the importance to drive and walk without texting. There are many reasons to avoid using phones while driving and walking, if you avoid it that increase your ability to save live, focus better on the road and the things happen around you. Reading or sending messages on a mobile phone may represent an additional risk as you cross a street or walk in an area with structural obstacles. In fact, in the United States the authorities have reported cases of citizens who have died after having accidents while they were distracted by sending or reading their messages. Many people use excuses “it’s just one word “or “I can drive or walk at the same time to texting,” but these can be the difference between life of dead. “Drivers who use handheld devices are four times more likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves” ( NHTSA ). Pedestrians have their own rules of the road about it, but they are not always followed. The person who drives a car must be aware of all pedestrians and must give way to them, regardless of the right-of-way. The more distracted you are on the phone, the less likely you will be able to react to a pedestrian, and this could lead to tragic results. There are many ways to stop using the phone, such as the free app for avoiding texting, Sprint Drive First is a good app, this respond the text messages saying that the person who dive at that time will respond later, and send the calls directly to the voice mail. Additionally, c ellphone using while driving and walking 3.300 distracted the people every year ([email protected]), and the society is the only that can change this, if it remembers that texting can always wait and is better lose one minute in your life that lose your life in one minute. Everyone can make a difference by simply pledging that when driving behind the wheel, even glancing at a phone is not acceptable, because the smallest distraction can result in a forever transmuted life. In the end, it is most important to remember that texting can always wait, but the awareness of this message cannot. Do not use the phone or other devices that cause distraction and tension when driving or walking. Making awareness is of great importance since the driver and occupants of the vehicle first, as well as the rest of the people who may be on the road. Cell phone, which is a very useful tool in today’s communication, is nevertheless a serious problem while driving and walking. Prevent the accident and love the life, these needs stay inside the people’s mind every day and every time, enjoy everything around you, share with family and friend without phone. Leidy Martinez References NHTSA. “Facts About Texting and Driving.” Stop the Texts – Home. NHTSA, n.d. Web. 15 Sept. 2014. [email protected] “Texting and Driving? You’d Be Safer Swimming With Sharks [Online Newspaper].” ATT, 24 Sept. 2014. Web. 28 Sept. 2014. For the most part, Leidy, this is good writing. You have some strong ideas, and you have good support. You do need to continue working on grammar, but the more you write the better you will get. The big concern I have for this draft is the lack of a thesis statement. Constructing a strong thesis statement helps the reader see what is to come and understand the organization of your essay. You need to let the reader know early on what you are writing about. Consider a thesis statement is the same thing as a blueprint used in constructing when constructing a building. The design of the building and the way it should be constructed is also not in the blueprints. The thesis statement of an essay works the same way by allowing the reader to know what to expect. The best way to do this is to present each topic in the order in which you plan to discuss them in your essay. But more than that, a thesis statement must present an alternative point of view. In other words, the writer must make a stand and present a controversial position on the issue being discussed. Without both of these elements the writer will not have a strong argument.