use easy  words and simple english

ooking now for a newspaper or magazine report that describes some of the concepts we are studying.  Find some article about the head of an agency or a school district or ministry or city or county and how they are in an ethically sensitive situation. In the presentation, tell us about the case and link it with at least 5 DIFFERENT things you’ve learned in the course itself.You can use any case of public administration ethics you want, good deeds or bad deeds.  The only exception is the case of the City Manager of Thousand Oaks who was fired.  You can read his story, but don’t use that case in your presentation.The reason is that he will be speaking to our class about that case, When you find the story or case you want to use, think of some of the things we’ve been talking about.  Here are some of them:objective responsibility,subjective responsibility,role conflict,ability to defend a decision,what principles and values were violated,conflict of interest,public interest,need to discuss different values to reach some common goal,teaching the citizen,learning from the politician,expressive ethics,moral code,ethical analysis,agency-politician transactions,agency-agency transactions,agency-interest group transactions,and more.  Review the powerpoints for concepts if you can’t think of any that fit your case.You’re presentation will be short, 5 or 10 minutes at most.  If you want to use powerpoint you’ll probably have time for one or two slides.  What I’ll ask you NOT to do is just read off slides or read off your notes.  You’ll want to keep us interested, so just tell us the story, than tell us the concepts from the course you found in that story, looking at us, speaking loudly and being an expert on that story for us