speaker notes 

We introduced this assignment in Week 1. Part 1 of 3 is due this week. This project should be an integrated description and analysis of the business model of a Fortune 500 company of the group’s choosing. Will need to complete a strategic analysis of the organization, and a brief description of the recommendations developed by your team for the helping the organizations achieve continued success.

AMAZON is the Fortune 500 we would write about

· Part 1 – Describe the business model of the organization. Present the Business Model/Strategic Plan of the organization, its purpose or mission, its products or services, its customers and how it attracts and retains them, its current strategy, how it controls revenue flows and capitalization, and how it maintains its position and advantage in the marketplace. Doing so sets the context for the strategic analysis.

This part should be submitted as a presentation. You may use Panopto or any other tool of your choice. Each presentation should be anywhere from 7-10 minutes in length.