The elevator pitch was a success! Senior management believes they made the right choice in giving you the title of CIO and putting you in charge of seizing new opportunities in the marketplace.


While the pitch conveyed your good idea, it was just that: an idea. You now have to test the feasibility of your idea. However, before you create a complete business model canvas (BMC), you want to quickly identify key elements needed to take your product or service idea to market.

In doing so, you will assume that all components of the BMC are at the fingertips of your project team. For example, you will have to work with the marketing and sales departments, and perhaps outside vendors and suppliers, to promote, advertise, and sell the product or service.

The Business Model Canvas Template you complete in this assignment will serve as the groundwork for the more detailed PowerPoint slide deck you will create in Milestone Two. As with any well-executed project, a former project manager experienced in such product-to-market initiatives has agreed to assess your complete BMC slide deck, which you will submit in Module Five.


For this assignment, consider the company you have selected and the work you have completed so far to further your business idea. Then, complete the Business Model Canvas Template linked in the Guidelines for Submission section with your assumptions about the key activities for your business idea, product, or service. Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Value proposition: Complete the Value Proposition building block by describing the value of your business idea, such as the customer need you are satisfying or the problem you are solving.
  • Front-stage considerations: Outline the segments related to your potential customers, which include the Customer Segments, Channels, and Customer Relationship building blocks.
  • Back-stage considerations: Make initial assumptions about how your business will work. This includes completing the Key Activities, Key Resources, and Key Partnership building blocks.
  • Financial considerations: Make reasonable assumptions about the segments that will inform your profit projections. These include the Cost Structure and Revenue Stream building blocks.

Guidelines for Submission

Complete and submit the Business Model Canvas Template PPT. Any sources cited should use APA formatting.

Milestone One

Zachary Higgs

Southern New Hampshire University

Driving Business Opportunities 22EW3

January 23, 2022


The new proposed product for Apple Inc is a new MacBook Air. It is an upgraded version of the current MacBook, which will be lighter and more appealing than this. The development will comprise features like a variety of colors that look like the iMac and possess off-white bezels. Its body will be slimmer than the current one. It will have a 1080p camera and lack the wedge design that is in the market for the current MacBook. The product will also lack an SD card slot and the HDMI while it will possess a mini-LED display.

How it fits

Apple Inc is prominent for its innovative technologies that have revolutionized the industry in many years since the company’s inception. The different products that Apple Inc has introduced in the market in its years of operation have surpassed the technological quotient that most companies hanker for. Introducing a new product, the new MacBook Air is a great invention that aligns with the technological aspect that the company has always pushed for (MacRumors Staff, 2022). Unveiling this product is in line with the company’s strategic plan that is focused on broad differentiation. Broad differentiation primarily means that the company manufactures products with unique features that distinguish them from industry competitors. An additional product like the new MacBook Air will come in handy in supporting this plan while augmenting the profitability that the company currently registers (MacRumors Staff, 2022).

On the other hand, the introduction of this product is in congruence with Apple Inc’s mission to “bring the best personal computer products to students, educators, designers, scientists, engineers, businesspersons and consumers in over 140 countries around the world” and this means that the company is on its steady growth route to dominating the industry (Rowland, 2020). In retrospect, Apple Inc has always manufactured modernized products as evidenced in the different iPhone versions that always come with enhanced features in their subsequent releases (MacRumors Staff, 2022).


The ROI (Return on Investment) for the new MacBook Air is not yet in proper calculation since it’s a product that is in the offing. However, the data from previous years of production show that the MacBook computer is one of the best-selling products that Apple Inc has ever sold in its years of operation. In this case, a new one will without doubt significantly increase the sales to resultantly broaden the company’s profitability margin.

Enhancing the mission

The product enhances the company’s overall mission because it is geared towards providing the consumers with a product that has exceptional features as an upgrade from the current one. It is a development that works in alignment with the company’s mission to provide the best experience and computer functionality for people of all kinds that are interested in personal computers.


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2022, from

Rowland, C. (2020). Apple Inc.’s Mission Statement and Vision Statement (An Analysis).
Panmore Institute. Retrieved 23 January 2022, from


Business Model Canvas Template

Key Partners

[Add your assumptions here.]

Key Activities

[Add your assumptions here.]

Key Resources

[Add your assumptions here.]

Value Proposition

[Add your assumptions here.]

Customer Relationship

[Add your assumptions here.]


[Add your assumptions here.]

Customer Segments

[Add your assumptions here.]

Cost Structure

[Add your assumptions here.]

Revenue Streams

[Add your assumptions here.]