Please help compute jan cost of goods for jan. in managerial accounting.

Bodin Company manufactures finger splints for kids who get tendonitis from playing video games. The firm had thefollowing inventories at the beginning and end of the month of JanuaryJanuary 1Finished goodsJanuary 31$ 126 . 600work in process233. 80 0251 {“Raw material134, 808124, 600The following additional data pertain to January operationsRaw material purchasedDirect Labor$192, 800Actual manufacturing overhead408. 680Actual selling and administrative expenses175 , 8001 18. 690The company applies manufacturing overhead at the rate of 60 percent of direct-labor cost. Any overapplied orunder applied manufacturing overhead is accumulated until the end of the year .3. Compute the cost of good’s manufactured for January .