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Office Relocation Resource Acquisition Plan

For the project you selected in Unit I, create a simple project resource acquisition plan. Your plan should follow the process for acquiring project resources, as referred to in Figures 5.1 and 5.2 in the textbook, as well as in the section beginning with A Plan is Not a Plan Until (page 31 – 45) in the eBook, Project Management: A Common-Sense Guide to the PMBOK Program, Part Two – Plan and Execution. Your plan should include an introduction, and should be able to answer the following questions:
· What policies and procedures exist in the project environment that governs resource acquisition?
· What are my criteria for resource selection?
· How many resources am I likely to require?
· What skill sets will I require?
· With whom should I plan to negotiate for resources, and how?
· How do I document and explain the detailed requirements in terms of time required, skillsets, budget, and accounting?
Feel free to make use of tables with the resource acquisition plan when describing itemized elements such as skillsets, numbers, criteria, and policies and procedures. Note also that the plan should end with an example of a project work package. An example work package can be found in the Unit V Lesson.
Submit your resource acquisition plan in the form of a minimum two-page document.