According to the following requirements, write two paragraphs respectively.  Each paragraph should be no less than 400 words

1). Listen to the podcast from the Journal of Accountancy entitled “Why our passions are essential to work success.”  (You can find the podcast at  Search by the title name above to find the podcast).  The podcast is approximately 30 minutes long.  What is the most interesting thing you learned from this podcast?  Did the information you received change your perception of anything? Research the idea of pursuing your passion and work.  Should students pursue a degree in something they are passionate about?  Back up your opinion with good outside sources.  Cite appropriately using the APA format (see Purdue Owl APA format guidelines for how to cite podcasts, electronic sources, etc)

2). one of the concepts our chapter reading deals with is accounting changes and errors.  Read the article “KushCo Holdings:  Shaken, Not Stirred, Following its Accounting Error Announcement” by Sean Williams, April 16, 2019 located at

.  Tell me what you think about the KushCo errors. Relate your answer to what you’ve learned in this chapter.  Find another article on a company that experienced an accounting change or error and summarize the article for your classmates.