7.Describe five uses of the Web not covered in the text.

his what dose the text says:

12. We take humanitarian action.

11. We gamble.

10. We pay our taxes.

9. We control the Internet of Things.

8. We enter virtual worlds.

7.We explore our roots.

6.We learn

5.We help each other avoid traffic jams.

4.We blog.

3.We contribute content.

2.We shop

1. We  socialize


8.Define censorship in your own words.

19.Why is texting more popular among young adults than making phone calls?

24. What are the benefits and harms of Internet censorship?

29.Discuss similarities and differences between the Web and each of these other ways that we communicate: the telephone system, physical mail, bookstores, movie theaters, newspapers, broadcast and cable TV. Should governments ignore the Web, or should they regulate it somehow? If governments should regulate the Web, should the reg- ulations be similar to the regulations for one of the aforementioned communication systems, or should they be unique in significant ways?