this a HW that is like through the week so i have to write one sentence every day but im not religious so i cant do it thanks

5 sentences only
First you will skim the book named the desire of ages and write 5 sentences only The book is available free online by clicking the following link.  Your Task Each day you will spend some time with Jesus just to connect with Him. Read: During the week of July 3 to July 9, you will read chapters 8 to 14 of Desire of Ages (DA) and one passage you have personally selected from the Gospels. You are NOT required to read every page from DA however, your journal should be based on reflections from the chapters assigned. Read the Desire of Ages four days a week, and one passage from the Gospels the remaining day. Write: You will write at least one sentence for each weekday, sharing what has been meaningful to you during your time with Jesus and the reading. Make sure your journal includes the following details: