In a

full five  (5)

page essay (typed/double spaced), please respond to the topic below. Your response must be composed in formal essay fashion (introduction, analytical thesis located at end of the introduction, three supporting points, analysis, support/evidence, the inclusion of two outside sources, MLA documentation, and an effective conclusion). In addition, you must write your paper in third (3rd) person. Moreover, your paper should not contain grammar and syntactical errors (fragments, run-ons, subject/verb disagreement, modifier errors, comma usage, parallelism and illogical shifts in tense, person, and voice).


Please analyze and discuss how Lorraine Hansberry’s play A Raisin in The Sun is visionary, militant, and even revolutionary. What is Hansberry saying about race/race relations, social class, gender, power dynamics, or socio-economic success

(focus on one topic)

in the

African American community and American society

through the play’s setting, characterization, and plot? You must demonstrate a close examination of the play and support your assertions with quoted references to the text. In addition, you must refer to two outside sources to support your points. In your conclusion, please discuss the relevance of the issues that Hansberry raises in the play.

I recommend that you examine your chosen topic through the use of Marxist theory.