please assist with the following question. I need assistance on question c

2.12 The Primo Insurance Company is introducing two newproduct lines: special risk insurance and mortgages. Theexpected profit is $5 per unit on special risk insurance and $2 formortgages. Management wishes to establish sales quotas for thenew product lines to maximize total expected profit. The workrequirements are shown below: Work Hours Per Unit Department Special Risk Mortgage Work-HoursAvailable Underwriting 3 2 2400Administration 0 1 800Claims 2 O 1200 (a) Identify verbally the decisions to be made, the constraintson these decisions, and the overall measures ofperformance for the decisions (b) Convert these verbal descriptions of the constraints andthe measure of performance into quantitative expressions interms of the data and its decisions (Hint: each department —Underwriting, Administration, and Claims – will have aformula relating special risk and mortgages to itsconstraint. Don’t forget to write out the nonnegativityconstraint and profit formula). (c)%ormulate and solve a linear programming model for thisproblem on a spreadsheet using the format below to developyour own spreadsheet; when completed, attach your Excel fileto your answer. Use Solver in Excel (Data tab > Solver).Note that there are SUMPRODUCT functions in the “TotalProfit” cell, and three separate SUMPRODUCT functions inthe “Work—Hours Used” cellsi Special Risk Mortgage Unit Prom $5 $2Work«Hours Work-HoursWork-Hours per Unit Used AvailableUnderwriting <=Administration <=Claims <=Special Risk Mortgage Total Profit